Daily Archive: Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What You Need To Know About Commercial Real Estate

Putting your commercial property on the real estate market can be difficult. It’s bad enough that people aren’t buying regular houses. There are even fewer buyers looking for office buildings and apartment complexes. Use the information provided in the article below to find out about buying and selling commercial property. An apartment doesn’t have to

Homeland Security Chief Admits Travel Ban Was Rushed

[ad_1] “While some of the core tenets of this order are the subject of ongoing litigation, it is my belief that we will prevail and be able to take the steps necessary to protect our nation,” Mr. Kelly said. “Americans must feel safe to walk down the street, go to the mall or to a

WATCH: Dr. Manning takes on a dad in exclusive ‘Chicago Med’ clip

[ad_1] Dr. Natalie Manning of “Chicago Med” treats an 8-year-old cancer patient in this week’s episode, but first she has to convince him to fight for his own life. In an exclusive first look from the NBC series, Manning (Torrey DeVitto) confronts Gabe Moore’s father, Adam, who admits that he has stopped treatment at his