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Rekindling Romance After Having Children

While children bring great happiness, they also ensure that the lifestyle of their parents is turned on its head. While earlier you may have had the time to nurture your relationship as a couple, once the children arrive, this effectively takes a back seat. All the passion and fire that once was the envy of

How to write personal biography

Personal biography is described as personal brand marketing tool. To write a perfect personal biography effective skills are required to express things in a polished way. The negative thought would be created if it is poorly written. It should grab the reader and to make them long more for information about the subject and tempted

Surfing in Europe- Your Surfing Dream Come True!

Surfing is a water sport, generally performed in oceans, in which the surfer rides on waves which take him or her towards the shore. Surfing is most commonly done using a surfboard. There are varied forms of like paddle boarding and body boarding, to name a few. One can avail plenty of surfing options in