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The Number One Mistake Most People Make in Learning to Read Music

Following the Traditional Route. The “normal” methods used in learning to read music still rely on techniques that were first devised over 200 years ago! Interestingly, most every other discipline has dramatically improved its learning techniques. Science, for example, was once completely learned by book. Of course now, almost all science classes have a “lab”

Yeast Infection Causes, Symptoms And Home Treatments

If you are a woman, it can be extremely embarrassing to have a yeast infection. You may not want to talk to anyone about it, and you might want to ignore it because you hope it will go away. It is a better idea to find out what you can do to treat it, and

Facts and Trivia About Doors and Windows

Have you ever been curious about why our windows and doors look and designed that way? Find out the reasons why. Fact no. 1: The revolving doors that we know today were invented as a response against chivalry. Because Theophilus van Kannel, the inventor of revolving door, finds it uncomfortable and stressful to open doors