Daily Archive: Sunday, June 25, 2017

Business Ethics: A Quiz with Many Right Answers

You can find various business ethics quizzes around thPick the one answer you think is wrong. This one is different. Each question has only one WRONG answer, doesn’t analyze your answers and tell you where you went wrong. Rather, it is simply intended to raise your ethical consciousness, maybe even stimulate a little discussion between

Artificial Intelligence as a tool of education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool of education has unimaginably high potential. Artificial Intelligence as a discipline, at least in the form and shape we have come to associate it with, has come a long way from its inception a few decades ago. In the simplest terms, AI is the intelligence used by machines to

Will Liberty League Make You Money?

Read this article over before you go and join Liberty League. You’ll be glad you did. The big question everyone wants to know about any online business including Liberty League is whether or not it’s a scam. Do I think it’s a scam. Honestly I would say no. Liberty League is not a scam. Does