Can You Make Money Online With Liberty League – The Review

This is a to the point article on the home based business company Liberty League.

While doing my every day search for the best online business I of course came across Liberty League. Liberty League International is quite well known for it’s personal development products and it’s luxury resort conferences that they hold a couple times a year.

The question we always have with any company like Liberty League is whether it’s the real deal or not? Should we take a chance and join? Are they everything they claim to be or should we keep on looking to see if there’s something better out there.

When you go ahead and join Liberty League you will then be given the role to sell one or all of the 3 personal development products that the company carries. Here’s the products in order from the lowest price and up. The Beyond Freedom program ($ 1495). The Liberty League 3 day conference ($ 7,995). The Summit 5 day conference ($ 12,995).

After a thorough search of Liberty League I decided against joining. Allow me a minute here to explain why. One reason was because the company isn’t any where close to being 100% internet based. Most of there training involves you going around and advertising your business offline. It’s a internet business and should be advertised using online methods.

Okay the second reason I decided against joining Liberty League is because they weren’t 100% automated either. You want a business where you can make money in your sleep. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well the awesome part is that there are actually companies out there now that you can do just that.

Okay the third and perhaps the biggest reason for not joining the League is because of their flawed compensation plan. Liberty League has a MLM structured pass-up program for their compensation plan. Research has now proven over and over again that when people are not having and success when they join MLM companies with a pass-up style program.

Looking into Liberty League’s past I came across some legal problems that they had. In May 2006, The Arizona Attorney General issued Liberty League a $ 115,000 fine. Also in addition to Civil penalties, Attorney fees, and Restitution costs, the defendants were required to:

1. Refrain from making unsubstantiated income claims. 2. Advise there potential customers of the percentage of participants who have made a profit through the Liberty League program. 3. Refrain from making false or deceptive statements in their marketing materials.

So here you have my short personal review on Liberty League. My job is to give 3rd party reviews on companies like Liberty League, and to help people find the company that’s best for them. I believe Liberty League while they do have a great idea of marketing personal development products it’s there compensation plan that’s simply outdated and flawed. I recommend doing more research and checking out other companies to see what might be better out there.

Tom helps people in deciding if companies like Liberty League are the right choice to make money with. Check out Tom’s 3rd party review Liberty League Blog to see what company is the right choice for you.

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