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Linguist May not Learn Multiple Languages

Very often people pose questions to the linguists about the number of languages they have learned but feel utterly disappointed when the answer is only one or two. Reasons for their disappointment are the failure in appreciating the basic characteristics of linguist. Linguist is not a language learner or expert on multiple languages but they take up scientific study of any one or two of the four thousand plus languages currently used across the globe.

Linguist Job Specifications

Studying the scientific aspects of a language by observation and analysis of the speaking ways of the people using the language is the job carried out by the linguist. Ordinarily the linguist would be concerned with one of the sub disciplines in the entire linguistic genre. Specialization and training are naturally involved in the process and there are today many institutions and universities offering courses on the subject.

Important Sub Disciplines

Some of the very important sub disciplines of the linguistic studies are phonetics, phonology, and syntax. Phonetics involves the study of sounds involved in the spoken language. Distinction between the speech and sounds are the key issues involved in the study of phonetics.

Education and Training

Research in phonetics requires knowledge in human anatomy, psychology, as well as acoustics. Many times the actors learn from phoneticians the authentic pronunciation of words to give them more effects. Phonology on the other hand is the sound system inherent in the language and the rules regulating their combination and production. Distinction of sound patterns in different languages is the key study area of phonologies. Syntax on the other hand is more related with grammatical compositions of building phrases and sentences. Syntax patterns in languages and their difference from each other are the key subject matter in syntax studies.

Availability of Online Training

People who are concerned about lack of time or resources in carrying out formal school studies on linguistics may go for online training. Multiple institutes are providing online degree through distant education these days.

Other aspects like morphology and semantics are also involved in the studies of linguist. Semantics deals with meaning of words as well as sentences, whereas morphology is the breaking up of the word structure into small bits. For people interested in academic or research works the linguistics careers offers good scope of creativity and earning handsome salaries.

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