Nano mp3 Player

Everyone has heard of mp3 players. Mostly everyone has used one. Many people, however, do not know much about nano mp3 players. Nano players are the same type of portable audio devices as regular mp3 players, only smaller. Nano mp3 players vary in size, but are generally 2-4 inches tall, – 2 inches wide, and usually thinner than a deck of cards.

There are a few different kinds of nano mp3 players. The most popular nanos are, by far, those presented by Apple: the iPod Nanos. The original iPod nano only played music, and was available as a 1GB mp3 player, a 2GB mp3 player, or a 4GB mp3 player. Just recently, however, Apple designed a new Nano, which is available in 4GB and 8GB. The new Nano, along with its new features, comes in a large variety of colors, and is even available as a (RED) product, which, when purchased, contributes to the fight against AIDS. In addition to the iPod Nano, Creative also offers a nano mp3 player. Creative’s nano is called the Zen Nano Plus. The Nano Plus is available in 10 colors of either 512MB or 1GB players.

The price range for nano mp3 players goes from about $ 60 to around $ 200. Creative’s Nano Plus 512MB player runs for around $ 60, and the 1GB player can be found at $ 75. The original iPod Nano can be found for anywhere from $ 90 to $ 130, depending on the storage capacity. The new iPod Nano costs $ 150 for the 4GB player and $ 200 for 8GB.

Is bigger better? Not necessarily. Although some of the nano players have less features than regular mp3 players, this is not true for all of the nanos. The new iPod Nano, with its larger than average (for other nano mp3 players) screen, is actually designed to be a small video player. Unfortunately, neither the Creative Zen Nano Plus nor the older versions of iPod Nanos have this video playing capability. Users who want video playback, though, need only up their price range about $ 40, a relatively small price compared to a regular sized mp3 player

Nano mp3 players are being seen more and more both as more people become aware of their existence and as more features are being added to them. Their small size, aiding greatly in their super portability, is what users love most about them. by Raymond Sabo

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